Keeping It Simple

Often times, we find ourselves looking for the trendiest recipes out there. Following the best of the best on social media, trying to come up with new recipes, which are mostly old recipes, with slight alterations in hopes that they’ll catch on. Hoping you’ll be noticed for your unique style, and beautiful food photos. In…

Frita Cubana

The Cuban hamburger. Don’t be fooled by it’s size–this little guy packs a punch.


These little bites will leave you wanting more.

Ropa Vieja

Tastes better than it sounds, promise.

Cuban Style Arroz con Pollo

Cuban culture and cuisine are comprised of a mixture of Spanish, African, and Caribbean (nod to French, Arabic, and Chinese) influences. While the origin of this next recipe is debatable, the name literally translates to “rice and chicken,” or Arroz con Pollo. I remember this being a dish served frequently in our home, and while…